We are proud to announce the Market Maker program which allows all participants to earn money by providing liquidity to a trading market. The market maker program is paid out weekly to all active traders.

What is a market maker?

A market maker is someone who provides liquidity to a market. You can do that by creating sell or buy orders (limit orders), thus reducing the spread. This is good for markets: it gives other potential participants visible options and information. Thick order books also reduce slippage (ie. a large order doesn’t spike the price as much, one way or the other). Thus adding liquidity to a market adds value to all existing and potential participants.

How does it work?

Once a limit order you placed gets filled, you’re not only getting reimbursed for the trading fee, you actually receive 50% of the market taker’s trading fee.

At 0.20% fee per trading pair, you are actually earning 0.05% per filled order. (The other 0.15% currently goes to BCO stakers ). Our goal is to improve liquidity and spread on all our markets. Payouts are happening on a weekly basis.


You place a sell order on CryptoBridge’s orderbook to sell 1 BTC . You are reimbursed your 0.20% trading fee and also paid 0.0005 BTC(0.05%) for that filled order.

The market maker program only applies to trading pairs on the CryptoBridge DEX and as a result do not apply to the BTS markets. The market maker program only applies to only BRIDGE . * — BRIDGE . * markets

Past Market Maker Program Payouts

The market maker program applies for all trading pairs that are currently on CryptoBridge and is paid out weekly.

Please note that the market maker program is meant to provide liquidity and is different from Staking BCO(BridgeCoin) To Receive 50% of CryptoBridge Profits

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