CryptoBridge the decentralized exchange paid out today its market maker rewards to all market makers. Join today and trade without trusting a central exchange and get paid 0.05% per filled order. You can learn more about our Market Maker Program by visiting CryptoBridge Market Maker Program

The market maker program more than doubled this week!. The pay out for this week of the market maker program compensation is below:

BTC 0.16427863
BCO 305.49189638
XP 644270.63924750
XVG 1342.64976539
DGB 322.86668559
DOGE 11502.92863745
MONA 15.33237375
ZNY 2082.69025725
ETHCA 0.54480650
EOT 512.85325825
EQT 5.00167580
FOR 409.47279250
BRIM 2.55021392
LTC 0.45241735
DASH 0.00684280
BCH 0.01600452
ALQO 36.07593775
BELA 13.38858147
XIOS 3.58623035
PIVX 0.83718421
XLR 1.16521970
MUE 14.01800000

You can #GetPaidToTrade today by signing up and trading on CryptoBridge . Follow us to see the staking rewards that BCO traders have earned later next week.

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