CryptoBridge the decentralized exchange paid out today its market maker rewards to all market makers. Join today and trade without trusting a central exchange and get paid 0.05% per filled order. You can learn more about our Market Maker Program by visiting CryptoBridge Market Maker Program

The market maker program more than tripled the last payout that took was executed December 27th, 2017! The equivalent of approximately 4.089996 BTC or $59, 255.77 USD (value at January 9th, 2018) was paid out to all market makers. The details for the pay out for this week of the market maker program compensation is below:

BCO 1097.77166375
BTC 1.87956068
ZNY 10093.25210925
ALQO 887.75007400
BELA 17.85758545
XIOS 1.97548015
XLR 1.05424352
FOR 3152.99499825
XP 3518708.94545500
LTC 5.58078021
BCH 0.18321886
DOGE 36547.02805087
BLOCK 0.76994460
XVG 2572.99162069
WSP 327.66403125
BRIM 30.60999415
XSH 2786.41360000
HTML 64067.53070000
DGB 1013.63952715
DASH 0.10686706
IC 3.73367421
EOT 3833.30180525
MONA 242.10962900
ETHCA 11.03305502
KLK 168.53856083
MUE 134.87972000
XFT 4.07794945
PIVX 1.80964313
EQT 11.73575532
VTC 1.16463965
PHR 0.03500000

You can #GetPaidToTrade today by signing up and trading on CryptoBridge . Follow us to see the staking rewards that BCO traders have earned later next week.

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