The last few days have been both exciting and challenging as we resolved several issues encountered as we continue to scale and build out the CryptoBridge(DEX).

CryptoBridge recently expanded the team which was discussed in more details in POS: Proof of Scaling (The CryptoBridge Development Team is Expanding)

We deployed the following changes below today:

Dedicated Nodes & CDN

To provide our users with a much more seamless experience we have moved various assets to a CDN and have deployed several dedicated Bitshare nodes for CryptoBridge in the following locations:

UI Improvements

We have made several small but very impactful updates to our UI. These changes include:

  • Deposit/Withdraw- added QR , display the number of confirmation required and allows the user to control when to change his/her address
  • Exchange -Added the ability to quickly search by symbols & to filter by your favorites

Thank you all for your support and understanding as we continue to build a decentralized exchange with the best. Stay tuned for our updated and revised roadmap coming out in March.

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