The CryptoBridge team is pleased to provide an update on its progress. Despite facing many enormous challenges directly after the announcement of the roadmap in late April 2018, the DEX has prevailed and is on firm footing. A number of near-catastrophes seemingly conspired to halt operations. As one fire was extinguished, another would take its place. Support tickets reached as high as 5,000 at one point, and the team worked around the clock to keep things in order.


Throughout that difficult time, however, one thing cannot be disputed: trading never stopped.


Like the phoenix, CryptoBridge has emerged from the all-consuming flames and is now indisputably stronger than ever. Not only did we survive in the face of tremendous adversity, a huge amount of experience was gained in the process. We have learned several valuable lessons which ensure users are always secure and able to trade safely. CryptoBridge’s underlying commitment to providing a superior alternative to centralized exchanges remains as strong as ever. Your success is our success — we are in this together.

It has been a remarkable few months. CryptoBridge has moved beyond the proof-of-concept phase and also learned firsthand how sharp the double-edged sword of rapid growth is. We are prepared for the next phase of the DEX’s existence and are fully committed to our loyal users.


Our mission is decentralization.


Let us share with you what we’ve been working on:



Having survived the inferno, our developers have resumed their proper role: integrating new features and assets. The much-anticipated Ethereum pairs will be tradable very soon, and of course the pace at which new coins are being added continues. The DEX interface now features integration with TradingView charts and we are also very pleased to announce that both iOS and Android mobile apps are nearly ready to be released. CryptoBridge will continue to strive for the highest level of excellence in the crowded cryptocurrency trading space through continual improvements of this kind.



Information is crucial in the cryptosphere, and we are committed to providing ongoing communication through our various social media outlets and Discord server. Users can expect no less than one formal update per week in addition to all the fun little extras we have in store. We aim to continue building our community and will work hard to emphasize the importance of both informing our users about what’s going on as well as listening to them. Follow us on Twitter for frequent updates.



The CryptoBridge backend has been upgraded and is now much more robust to further strengthen our international users’ ability to reliably access trading. Both our user base of around 250,000 traders and the 400+ coins traded continues to grow. The security, maintenance, scalability and automation of DEX operations are now capable of handling large-scale activity reliably.



To further enhance the user experience, new features are in development. Links to specific block explorers will make it easy to monitor transactions within the app and avoid the need for support tickets. An integrated FAQ section and self-service wizard will allow users to access information and take problem-solving action steps, as timing is the essence of trading. These features will only be needed if the CryptoBridge team has not already resolved an issue prior to the user’s knowledge, of course. That’s right — we are more aware of and able to address potential issues than ever before.

The much-loved market maker program will resume shortly as well. While BridgeCoin stakers have enjoyed an additional 25% bonus in the meantime, incentivizing all of our users to thicken the orderbooks is a top priority. We have no doubt that our markets will continue to grow in health and liquidity, and we want you to be rewarded for making them so.



CryptoBridge aims to provide excellence in every aspect of the user’s trading experience, so a number of automation and alert features have been integrated into the underlying mechanics of the DEX. Users can rest assured that node access has achieved a high level of reliability and safety. Security and incentive measures to support them are also in place so the node network can grow without experiencing compromises.



Our unique staking token, BridgeCoin (BCO), also has a few surprises in store. Staking will continue, but its utility will be greatly expanded beyond its current revenue-sharing function. Keep a close eye on the BCO charts, as we fully intend to catapult this asset into the top 100 once again.


The Future

Lastly, the development of the Federated Gateways is in the planning stages. The successful integration of this network will create an even more decentralized environment upon which the DEX and its users may thrive. Remember, the mission of CryptoBridge is decentralization. The Federated Gateways will be a huge advance toward achieving that goal.


Our Vision

CryptoBridge has achieved remarkable success in its short history, and is hard at work on its mission to provide nothing short of the best possible experience for cryptocurrency traders. Fueled by this vision (and a strong global community), CryptoBridge has become the largest DEX of its kind and is poised to challenge even the most heavily used centralized exchanges.

Our foundation is solid and we are committed to our users. Regular communication, increased performance and a variety of incentives are forthcoming. Ethereum trading pairs are to be released imminently, and BridgeCoin will take on even greater importance. Join us on our mission to empower one other as we enter a new era: that of an international, decentralized exchange of value.

We thank our users for their continued support. Invite your friends into the ever-widening circle, here’s a video to get them started!