The weekly development update series will inform users about progress made on user-facing aspects of CryptoBridge.


In light recent activities indicating chain vulnerabilities, the number of required confirmations for deposit of several assets has been increased. We refuse to allow for our users’ funds to be subject to malicious activity on any blockchain while being transferred to and from the exchange. We realize that increased confirmation time may delay certain trading tactics, however the secure transfer of funds is of paramount importance.


Our new support system (based on Jira service desk) is integrating nicely into the exchange interface. This new ticket system will bring automation and self-service to the table and ensure quicker resolution. An internal testing release of the new system is anticipated in the coming days.

Additionally, our support team now has more search tools available for resolving support cases. As with all of our improvement efforts, we look forward to reducing the time and effort both we and our users must spend in resolving issues. Anything which impedes the quality of our users’ trading experience will be scrutinized and inform our active efforts to eliminate delays.

Mobile Apps

Visual layout work for the mobile app has been completed and translation files are being optimized. We’re moving forward toward our goal to allow as many users as possible to access CryptoBridge when away from home. We have also begun testing the functionality of the app and a series of promotional campaigns is being designed. Accessing the exchange will be open to a much wider user base as we continue to improve and implement more features along the way. 

We are excited to be making progress on the official version, keep an eye out for its release on our channels only (Twitter, Discord and Reddit). Any other announcements you see as having the app available are malicious and these applications should not be used under any circumstances. Users are encouraged to report any such attempts directly to the team via the Discord channel as well as to the platform where they are listed (Google Play, etc). Do your part to help make the cryptosphere a better place!


An alert system is now in place to prevent against fraudulent use of the exchange gateways. As this system becomes optimized, we anticipate even more robust security and fluid operations overall. Code reviews have continued to provide superior node connectivity and to integrate their compatibility with the support API (mentioned above) as well. Node connectivity is the backbone of the user/exchange partnership — feel free to report any issues you may encounter directly to the team.


Progress continues on implementation of Ethereum on the testnet, namely deposit and withdrawal functionality. Efforts to test the environment with live data are in the planning phases currently. As we continue to improve our testnet infrastructure, avoiding the risk of a failed release has become a clear imperative.

Following the eventual completion of Ethereum protocol implementation, a rigorous stress-testing and quality assurance phase will begin to prepare for the production release. The reliability and functionality of these efforts will pave the way for the next level of CryptoBridge’s success — however: haste makes waste. Your continued patience in these matters are highly appreciated. Our desire to serve you with the best possible experience is as strong as ever!

Thank you for taking the time to follow our progress. Weekly development updates can be expected on each Wednesday. Happy trading!