The weekly development update series will inform users about progress made on user-facing aspects of CryptoBridge.


Despite encountering some memory issues on our server, Ethereum has been successfully integrated into our Docker infrastructure on the test-net and main-net gateways. We are now in a position to begin applying deposit and withdrawal functions and stress-testing our gateway servers. Excitement among the team continues to build as we approach the full release which will open many new doors for the DEX, its users and the entire ERC20 ecosystem. 

Tech Support

Our new in-app system is coming along nicely and support ticket handling will be markedly improved upon release. Support Improvements this week include adding both front-end & API fixes. We’ve increased functionality and made UI improvements which merge into a seamless resolution experience. We’re certain you’ll appreciate the range and flexibility of self-service options which will soon be available right inside the DEX interface. 

Support Staff

Also of note, our support staff now have direct access to the interface allowing them to monitor account transactions and balances as well as the ability to enable and disable coin functionality (such as the number of deposit confirmations). This shift not only speeds support activities toward their resolution, it also frees the development team members from distracting requests to resolve the aforementioned tasks.

Mobile App

Several steps toward the completion of a phase one release of the mobile app were taken since our last update. Transactions and timestamps are updating properly and additional language display and performance improvements were also made. With a new API, percentage changes for asset holdings have been implemented and now display the real-time value related to the currency selected.

Meanwhile, a marketing strategy and visual advertisement approach are being developed. An opportunity with an existing (and widely-used) mobile application are also on the discussion table for a potential cross-promotional partnership. CryptoBridge is excited to begin opening doors to greater participation with the projects represented on the exchange.


Node connectivity continues to be improved with better monitoring, and a few API web socket reconnection bugs have been resolved. Efforts to continually improve the network are ongoing. Please report any connectivity issues you may have to support staff in our Discord channel.


Coin daemons can now be deployed as Docker services in a totally automated way through elastic container services (ECS) and are made available to the gateway services through service discovery. An issue with BitShares nodes was resolved as well and begins to clear the way for greater reciprocity between those operated by BitShares and CryptoBridge.

This week an emergency BTC wallet update required the DEX to increase deposit confirmation times for security. As the percentage of BTC nodes upgrading moves toward the majority (currently at 48%), we were able to reduce from 16 to 12 confirmations. As that percentage increases, confirmations will be reduced further to 8 or 6. Due to the nature of operations on the DEX, this security measure is required temporarily in such situations to prevent malicious chain activity. 

Coin Addition and Update Processes

The new, automated coin request form is being designed currently and will assist both CryptoBridge and the applicants who wish to list their project in accomplishing that shared goal. We’ve been analyzing our process and believe that through gathering as much information up front and by incorporating Jira into the workflow that listing an asset will become a far more streamlined experience. Communities supporting new listings will enjoy the decreased time from application to announcement and reduce downtime related to updating.

Updates such as forks and swaps will now begin on a similar automated information-gathering page. This streamlined functionality will be put into use as soon as possible and will allow for much easier progress tracking and eliminate unnecessary downtime for those markets.


In preparation of ERC20 token listings, our legal representatives are reviewing the terms and conditions around the handling of these assets. It is with foresight, planning and diligence that CryptoBridge will move forward into this next phase. Both the utility to our users and the opportunity to help facilitate awareness are key motivations. We believe in the nascent cryptoeconomy and want to support it via facilitating exchange between cryptocurrency, utility tokens and masternode assets — all of which we believe have a part to play.

Thank you for taking the time to follow our progress. Weekly development updates can be expected on each Wednesday. Happy trading!