Welcome back! This is the second edition of our twice-monthly BridgeCoin (BCO) report, and is designed in collaboration with the international community which surrounds this very special digital asset. BridgeCoin stands alone among the revenue-sharing exchange assets in its simplicity and scarcity.

This series will document the BCO payout statistics twice per month and discuss the previous two weeks’ price action, overall trend, trading volume and notable order book activity.

All information is presented with objective factual information derived from the CryptoBridge application order books and API (cross-referenced with the cryptofresh block explorer). The information is presented strictly for educational purposes and not to be construed as investment advice.


Staking Payouts

Period: 2018-09-16 00:00:00 to 2018-09-30 23:59:59 (GMT)

BTC paid: 12.73536993

BCO paid: 232.12137244

Equivalent total:12.7899045252 BTC

Total staking positions: 10,758 | Net positions created: 50

1-month – 316 | 3-month – 859 | 6-month – 1507 | 12-month – 8076

Total staked: 11,603,326.56475050 BCO

Total staked (with bonus): 21,533,906.94420980 BCO

Removed from stake during this period: 576,454.3854543

As of this payout, 42.97% of the total BCO supply are staked. As indicated in our initial announcement, we’re giving 75% of all available profit to stakers (until the promotion ends, at which point stakers will receive 50% as advertised).


Exchange Volume

Period: 2018-09-17 to 2018-09-23

Total volume: 3028.342635 BTC | Average Daily volume: 432.6203764 BTC

Period: 2018-09-24 to 2018-09-30

Total volume: 2896.169134 BTC | Average Daily volume: 413.7384477 BTC

Price Action

BCO Price0.00023722 BTC$1.56 USD13.79999 BTS

Market Cap6,405 BTC$42,036,526 USDCMC Rank: #122

The uptrend noted in the previous report continued throughout much of the subsequent staking period, making a new high of 30K sat ($2.00 USD). Price then consolidated and has fluctuated between a tightening range. BridgeCoin trading volume remains steady but nowhere near the levels reported in the previous report.


Order Book Activity

This staking period was characterized more by tug-of-war market orders and less by large buy and sell walls than the previous one. No notable buy orders over 0.3 BTC are visible until we look to the 21K sat range. Many new accounts have become interested in trading BCO, however, and anyone familiar with those often found on the books during the past few months will see several unfamiliar names. One especially noticeable account using the DexBot open source trading application has also appeared and is potentially looking to be a market maker.



Discussion on the official CryptoBridge Discord channel increased since the last report, both in the number of users as well as frequency of posts. Two themes have emerged: user desire for more easily digestible exchange data and an idea for creating a tool to generate a staking rich list. Two users are already at work on designing solutions, and the initiative that BridgeCoin holders are taking has great potential to raise the level of interdependence between the community and the team.

By exhibiting self-organizational qualities to further sharpen their investment tactics and raise the aggregate of information available, community members practice direct action on nurturing their investment. The CryptoBridge team is heartened by such developments and will continue to encourage and support the free exchange of ideas between individuals who wish to bolster their personal and financial sovereignty.