This article is one in a series which is designed to educate users around some of the advanced features found in the BitShares blockchain ecosystem, upon which CryptoBridge is built.

One of the frequent questions asked in the #support-help-desk channel of our official Discord  or on Twitter relates to the display of orders on the exchange.

The BitShares trading environment has a feature which allows each asset pair to be displayed in either the buy or sell position. Being that the number of satoshi is very large for most everything it is traded against, the display of bids and asks are combined when there are many orders that are very close in price.

For example:

The asset you wish to buy is displayed first, on the left. Here we can see the trading pair of BCO / BTC where it appears the highest buy order is for 335.0538808 BCO at the price of 0.00019803 BTC.

If we click the crossed white arrows, however, we view the market from the opposite perspective.

Now we see BTC on the buy side, and the highest priced buy order is for 0.00438636 BTC at a price of 4,849.85354599. But only 21.2732036 BCO are being sold, not 335.0538808 as seen before the trading pair was flipped.

We see a far more precise view of the order book because each order’s full 8 decimal places can be displayed separately. If we choose to flip the pair back, the buy orders are rounded and grouped again, giving the appearance of one single order.

Another way to view the orders accurately is by using a block explorer which has the additional benefit of indicating which accounts have open orders.

We hope that this post enhanced your understanding and experience of using CryptoBridge. Keep an eye on our #education blog category for more information presented in this series!