A New Look

With all the exciting things that we’ve been up to lately, we decided to add a bit of luster to the BridgeCoin logo!

Our decision to visually evolve the coin leaves a clear connection to the original BridgeCoin logo, however it is now optimized by reducing visual complexity and conforms with the color scheme of the CryptoBridge DEX. We feel this contemporary yet timeless design choice and reflects the maturity of our humble coin. Here it is!



Continued Upward Movement

BridgeCoin (BCO) has experienced a number of distinct and unique phases during its short life. The full supply has already been mined and proof-of-work is long behind us. We’ve announced the deprecation of its blockchain and are anticipating the first of the 1-year staking positions coming into maturity. CryptoBridge was funded early on by launching BridgeCoin, and has seen remarkable success since then. Now that we have found solid operational footing, the team has decided to extend additional rewards to our loyal staking user base by implementing another phase:


We are pleased to inform our community of the decision to significantly increase the incentive for long-term staking.


To demonstrate our appreciation, we will increase each 1-year staking position’s bonus by 25% each additional quarter that it remains unclaimed after it reaches maturity. As most holders of BCO are already aware, choosing the longest staking period provides a bonus of 100% (meaning every coin staked counts as two). By the end of the second year (one full year after a stake reaches maturity), a bonus of 200% will be in effect. Should you still choose to continue staking beyond the second year, quarterly increases will continue until your bonus reaches 300% (at which point the bonus reaches its plateau and continues until the coins are claimed).


Example Walkthrough

User account bridge-staker-001 trades BTC for a sum of 100 BridgeCoins, then places these into a 1-year stake on December 31, 2017. This staking period of 365 days provides a 100% payout bonus throughout that entire year of 2018 — it will be as if 200 coins had been placed into stake. On April 01, 2019, the staked coins will now be awarded a 125% bonus as an additional quarter has elapsed since the coins reached maturity. Crossing over the mid-year point will see this bonus increase to 150% and finally reach 200% on January 01, 2020. This quarterly increase will continue until the third year has elapsed, whereupon the staking reward will be 300% — and continue as if 400 coins had been staked!

In this example, the staked BridgeCoins could be claimed any time after January 01, 2019, but it is our hope that this new incentive encourages you to stick around and grow with us.


A Shared Success

We firmly believe in the principle of interdependence, and have seen the value of this play out with each successive development of ours. By directly offering up the exchange’s trading revenue (which is tied to a non-inflationary asset), we invite our stakers to continue holding and staking BridgeCoin while they trade on the DEX.

The competition is unforgiving, so we know that building and rewarding our community is essential to maintain longevity. The CryptoBridge team and exchange’s well-being are innately paired with the success of its users. We will strive to continue increasing the quality of your trading experience, the number of available assets and to maximize investment opportunities as we step forward into this new phase of growth. Thank you for reading, we hope you’re as excited as we are!