Welcome to the latest BridgeCoin (BCO) report, which is a product of the collaboration between the CryptoBridge team and the international community which surrounds this very special digital asset. BridgeCoin stands alone among the revenue-sharing exchange assets in its simplicity and scarcity.

This series documents the BCO payout statistics twice per month, discusses the previous two weeks’ price action and overall trend, trading volume and notable orderbook activity.


All information is presented with objective factual information derived from the CryptoBridge application order books and API (cross-referenced with the cryptofresh block explorer). The information is presented strictly for educational purposes and not to be construed as investment advice.


Staking Payouts

Period: 2018-11-01 00:00:00 to 2018-11-15 23:59:59 (GMT)

BTC paid: 6.5164016

BCO paid: 199.62265477

ETH paid: 0.22031250

Equivalent total: 6.51640166 BTC

Total Staking Positions: 11,100 | Net positions created: 59

1-month – 336 | 3-month – 865 | 6-month – 1417 | 12-month – 8491

Total staked: 11,671,597.17249720 BCO

Total staked (with bonus): 21,765,617.33541980 BCO

Added to stake during this period: 47,753.566772

As of this payout, 43.23% of the total BCO supply are staked. As indicated in our initial announcement, we’re giving 75% of all available profit to stakers, and market makers get the remaining 25%. When the promotion ends, stakers will receive 50% as advertised.

Exchange Volume

Period: 2018-11-01 to 2018-11-07

Total volume: 1,470.498697 BTC | Average Daily volume: 210.0712425 BTC


Period: 2018-11-08 to 2018-11-14

Total volume: 2,075.913624 BTC | Average Daily volume: 296.5590891 BTC



Price Action

BCO Price: 0.00020042 BTC | $1.12 USD | 14.76931 BTS

Market Cap:

5,411 BTC | $30,307,015 USD | CMC Rank: #139

Price action has seen a broader trading range since the last payout, most notably a significant upside move occurred with a rebound to previous levels following a retracement to 20K sat. A number of factors acted on the cryptocurrency market as a whole this week, most notably as BTC retested a yearly low causing most altcoins to mirror that drop. Increased staking incentives for early holders was announced shortly before this report but have not demonstrated any effect on the chart at the time of publication.


Order Book Activity

As just under 80% of the total supply of BCO has arrived on the DEX following the announcement of its blockchain being deprecated, the order book has thickened on the bid side with a handful of larger buy orders. Another trading pair with Ethereum was also introduced to the available markets this week with the introduction of that protocol.