The weekly development update series will inform users about progress made on user-facing aspects of CryptoBridge.



We are pleased to inform that the basic functionality of Ethereum has proved quite stable and we are now pinpointing issues related to deposits and gas price. We’ve released a new gateway version that remedies those issues by applying a higher fee. The trading volume and supply of ETH have been steadily increasing since the launch just over a week ago.

We are nearly ready to accept applications for ERC20 listings and decimal precision work and functionality testing processes for that standard are well underway.

Mobile App

Now that the data generated following our community beta-testing is being analyzed, work has begun on the many small user interface and experience bugs which were discovered. We gratefully acknowledge the community volunteers for providing this essential service. We are also in the process of applying for an Apple Developer account to ensure it is available to iPhone users. Plans to reveal our promotional materials for phase one will be forthcoming in upcoming weeks once we are closer to release the first instance of the product.



Progress has been made on an upcoming partnership, and several other potential opportunities are shaping up as well. Now that operations have reached this new level of stability, we feel confident building upon it to demonstrate some of the more fundamental aspects of what CryptoBridge would like to exemplify. With an eye to the future, we recognize the need to survive by taking a stance foster maturity in the digital asset arena.



Please be on the alert for users impersonating our agents on Discord. Here is a short blog detailing how to protect yourself. Please help spread awareness of this information to all cryptocurrency communities that use Discord!

We received an abundance of valuable feedback from our community following the announcement of the increased staking incentives. One of the themes which emerged is that everyone would like to have a greater say in regard to the direction CryptoBridge takes. This theme seems to be true whether users found the choice to increase the incentives to be favorable or otherwise.

We have heard you loud and clear!

CryptoBridge will now begin summarizing our development progress on a quarterly basis and follow this with a community poll to measure the sentiment around how we’ve performed as well as to aggregate opinion on what you’d like to see us work on next. As always, you’re welcome to either shower praises or shake your fists in our lively official Discord channel.


Thank you for taking the time to follow our progress. Weekly development updates can be expected on each Wednesday. Happy trading!