On November 26, 2018 (21:59:57 GMT) the BitShares blockchain stopped producing new blocks at number 32,599,932. Due to the blockchain outage, CryptoBridge suffered a complete loss of functionality until a patch released by the BitShares core developer team was applied at 00:43 GMT and our team began applying it at 1:06 GMT.

Node connectivity crashed shortly afterward and another patch was released at 1:53 GMT which we applied at 7:49 with CryptoBridge deposits resuming at 9:18 GMT. The cause of this delay was the necessity of the full blockchain needing to be re-downloaded to synchronize correctly.

We have now resumed partial operations as the API & deposit workers are back online. Withdrawals are currently still pending as we await for the nodes to synchronize fully.

We appreciate your patience while the deposit queue is being processed, and are working diligently to minimize the inconvenience and frustration caused by this interruption. The issue is close to being resolved but users are encouraged to refer to our #breaking-news channel in our official Discord for the most up-to-date information. Thank you.