Following yesterday’s service outage announcement, we’d like to provide some additional information and a revised status. While trading and deposit functionality resumed yesterday, withdrawals are still halted until the repairs are 100% complete. We understand the difficulty and distress this has caused and have taken all possible action to re-enable withdrawals. It is not recommended that you make any deposits at this time if you will require those funds elsewhere in the next 24 hours.

Much of the delay at this time is related to BitShares nodes with the elastic search plugin, as the synchronization speed is limited. Elastic search is a high performance database which we use for storing transaction history including withdrawals. Without a copy of withdrawals from BitShares we remain at a standstill. If everything continues as planned, we should be able to resume withdrawals by late evening GMT on November 28.

We would like to acknowledge the BitShares community in its response to this issue and the members of its ecosystem as they have been especially helpful. We are in direct contact with the developer of a plugin to avoid such a delay in the future and appreciate their effort and concern for assisting us with resuming operations.

Other BitShares community members are also waiting for their elastic search nodes to synchronize. CryptoBridge will resume withdrawals and as soon as one is ready (whether this is one of our own or otherwise) to allow users to resume movement of their funds. It is in difficult times such as these that we realize the full weight of our shared responsibility to cooperate with the BitShares community and ecosystem. Again we would like to thank all involved for their efforts in working through this difficulty as well as our supportive and understanding community of users.