The weekly development update series will inform users about progress made on user-facing aspects of CryptoBridge.



Most of the node syncing, withdrawal and deposit issues following the difficulties last week have been resolved and support tickets are now at a minimum. The efforts toward enabling our agents to act with autonomy in combination with the custom tools we’ve developed have certainly paid off! If you are still experiencing issues of any kind, don’t hesitate to open a ticket or reach out directly in our official Discord.


Mobile App

Stability and bug-fixing is essentially complete at this stage, however, due to the severity of the current cryptocurrency market downturn we have made the difficult decision to halt its release so that resources can be more effectively allocated to essential operating functions. Rest assured we have not abandoned this project, it is merely on hold until further notice.



Node connectivity has been improving throughout the last week following the information gained following the BitShares blockchain halting. This unexpected learning experience has been cause for an exploration of better ways to reinforce the network. We would again like to recognize the cooperation and professionalism of the BitShares developers with whom we have continued to work with on ensuring this ecosystem remains resilient. Thank you! 



Work on the CryptoNote protocol’s implementation continues and currently looks promising for a December release as the wallets and gateway construction are progressing as planned. Both the team and the greater CryptoBridge community are eagerly looking forward to integrating this asset sector into our offerings as we share the fundamental viewpoint that privacy is of key importance.

Similar attention is being given to the underlying Ethereum components to ensure its continued operation improves and remains reliable.


Special Promotion

Coin project communities will want to be on the lookout for an announcement tomorrow of a time-limited promotion!


Thank you for taking the time to follow our progress. Weekly development updates can be expected on each Wednesday. Happy trading!