CryptoBridge is officially collaborating with Carbon Zero (CZE) LLC

The digital asset trading environment is burdened with extreme risk, and many projects unfortunately go sour. Such cases often leave the investors and traders of these coins suddenly with nothing of value. Over the last few months, we have made note of the increasing number of these failed and abandoned coins. Fortunately, we have recently been approached with an opportunity which enables us to provide an option for those left in this situation.

So, today we are pleased to announce a new collaborative effort with the Carbon Zero (CZE) project to provide cryptocurrency coin recycling on select assets marked for delisting from CryptoBridge! This program allows holders of defunct coins to recycle their holdings in exchange for CZE. We’re sure that this will be seen as a welcome alternative.

To determine which projects are currently eligible for recycling, please head to the #recycling-center channel in our official Discord. There you will find the current candidates scheduled for delisting and all information about where to proceed if you wish to trade in your holdings for CZE. Information about where to contact the initial communities will be available in these announcements as well.

Carbon Zero will be working closely with CryptoBridge to achieve the dual goals of repurposing people’s failed investments and cleansing failed projects from the exchange. This pairing of outcomes serves as a renewed symbol of the importance the relationship CryptoBridge has with its users.

Opportunities for additional recycling will coincide with delisting announcements periodically. CryptoBridge and CZE reserve the right to 100% of the decision making criteria for eligibility in the recycling program.

Note that coin recycling is not the primary purpose of the CZE project. This program is simply a philanthropic effort (which CryptoBridge supports) in order to restore a sense of goodwill among users while generating positive sentiment. CZE is are a project designed to reduce the impact of PoW mining on the Earth through the utilization of Carbon Credits. To read more about them, please visit their project via their website and official Carbon Zero Discord.