Lighting the Way Forward

Despite having grown to its present state in just over a decade, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries are still vastly under-developed and fraught with immaturity and negative connotations. It is only through the efforts of those engaged deeply in this digital arena that a forward momentum may be sustained, or incentives toward a higher degree of quality become enculturated. Responsibility lies with those of long-term vision and stamina. Parties which maintain adherence to principles will act as a guiding light in this regard.

DARC (formerly StakeAndNodes) and CryptoBridge are prepared to accept that role, and to model these ideals.

It is within this context that we announce our joint effort to bring greater attention to the need for projects to achieve a higher level of quality in this crowded digital asset space. Toward this end, DARC has recently begun offering comprehensive project evaluations and CryptoBridge seeks to use its visibility and position to indicate the importance of that service and forward-leaning perspective.


Cultivating Quality

Our purpose with this partnership is to recognize projects which meet or exceed a baseline of fundamental quality. Through our shared belief in the importance of rigorous and objective assessment, we will work to promote an environment which supports the digital asset landscape’s maturity. Such an endeavor will benefit project communities, currency and token users, investors and associated enterprises.

A fee-based but independent evaluation will initially be conducted by DARC to determine projects which sufficiently demonstrate that they are worthy of “benchmark” status and supplemental information will then become available on the evaluator’s website ( A smaller subset of common criteria will be confirmed by CryptoBridge shortly after publication of the results to validate the outcome. Once the agreement is finalized, the project’s status will be officially recognized by each member of the partnership on their websites and associated social media outlets. Projects will then be engaged to coordinate a celebration and communication of the event.

Upon benchmarking, projects will enjoy a range of benefits. Beginning Feb 1, 2019 they will have higher visibility on the CryptoBridge trading interface and a summary of their achievement (publicized on both DARC and CryptoBridge social media). These projects will be required to maintain or improve upon these criteria in follow-up evaluations conducted periodically. This process is designed to ensure objectivity and transparency and all results will be communicated as such.


Principles in Action

We believe strongly that for the emergent cryptocurrency and blockchain economies to be taken as a serious and legitimate enterprise, participants must take definitive action to guide it in a positive direction. With our partnership we wish to model perspectives, behaviors and methods consistent with an increasing level of sophistication and maturity. These behaviors are designed to foster improvement and are as objective and systematic as possible. We’re excited to see what positive developments this endeavor will help grow, and we hope you’ll share our enthusiasm in doing so.