Always on Guard

As part of our ongoing educational efforts to support new users, we provide information that allows people to develop crucial survival skills. Let it be said, only the most vigilant will survive. The number and variety of techniques designed to separate you from your funds is continually growing. Why? Because they often are successful in that goal: taking away what’s rightfully yours.

Being that CryptoBridge has a sizable number of users and volume, our platform has often been used in phishing attempts. While we are continually monitoring and responding to attempts which might compromise our users, the importance that individuals must place on exercising caution cannot be over-emphasized.


What is Phishing?

Although you may be unfamiliar with the term, you likely have already seen examples of it somewhere online in the past. Phishing is the use of misleading or identical images, web domains (URLs), and other features common in web interfaces to lure users into voluntarily handing over sensitive information such as passwords and account numbers.

Below is a screenshot of some example phishing links.

In the first example, everything looks fine at a glance. It isn’t. This example is replacing a capital letter “I” where it should be a lowercase “i”. In the second example, the word “client” is used instead of the word “wallet”. The third example has a dash where there should be a period between “wallet” and “crypto”. The fourth and fifth examples are easier to spot but still dangerous, especially if the website’s design and images are identical.


Take Precautions

So what can you do to protect yourself other than be aware? Always check the URL carefully three times before entering any sensitive information. Remember: there is no reason to rush. Never input a password until you are entirely certain about a website’s authenticity. You can also add additional confidence by verifying the SSL certificate (information is found by checking the green padlock image to the left of the domain). If arriving at the site from another web page, check the URL in the link by rolling your cursor over it (which displays a preview) before clicking it.

We hope this information has been useful for you, please feel free to share it with others, especially newcomers who are the most vulnerable to this kind of risk. Practice being methodical. Patience and routines are important to develop if you aspire to be a successful trader, and there is almost no other area in life that cannot benefit from taking your time and being safe.