The weekly development update series will inform users about progress made on user-facing aspects of CryptoBridge.



We have continued to reduce the number of backlogged support tickets by nearly half and are also able to resolve the small number which are generated each day as well. Tracking the times of peak incidence and type of event are now underway and will inform our practice on preventing and responding to issues in the future. Metrics and use of a targeted approach will assist us by further increasing the efficiency in how we address day-to-day user concerns.


Work continues on several challenging new listings with custom integration. CryptoBridge has been developing docker container software for many of its past blockchain implementations and has made these available as open source products for general use. These have been referred to as “cointainers” and a DockerHub account has been created for their release into the wild.


Volume & Liquidity

CryptoBridge has been working closely with the DEXBot team to expand functionality which enables one worker account to operate simultaneously on multiple markets. We have already begun implementing this liquidity-adding strategy in around 25 of our trading pairs.

You can monitor the progress of the bot account’s activity on any of the BitShares explorers. The volume generated for the day (at the time of this writing) has already reached around 1.8 BTC and is projected to produce at least 50-100 BTC of volume per month. We hope that our BCO staking community will take note of this endeavor and perhaps inspire others to seize the opportunity themselves.

Not only does this new initiative provide more liquidity to CryptoBridge overall, this boosts the volume in a healthy way. Our use of DEXBot will be to provide liquidity to markets, not remove it by engaging in wash trading. It does appear that this account has accepted some of its own trades, however this is incidental, does not characterize its overall activity and will be addressed. As noted in our previous Market Maker payout report, we do not condone wash trading. The use of this technique will result in those accounts from being ineligible for the benefits of the Market Maker Program.



Final documentation is being generated to prepare for our next phase to meet full compliance with local regulations. Contracts have been completed and signed, additional parties for new services have been secured. We will have an abundance of specific information about all of these developments as soon as it is possible to reveal them. This lengthy due diligence removes the uncertainty around our ability to list the full array of digital assets available in the ecosystem.

DARC Partnership

Last weekend we announced our first official working partnership with Digital Asset Resource Center (DARC), a new service which aggregates a huge array of digital asset data and offers projects an in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis which is then available to users of their subscription site.

Together we will be working to recognize and promote the need for objective and comprehensive quality measures as cryptocurrencies, securities, indexes and other investment vehicles mature in the digital value era. Additions to our trading UI will integrate this information in coming weeks.



With the forthcoming developments mentioned above, we’ve begun granting some hints with media sources and one such print interview with the CryptoHobbit was published earlier this week. More articles and interviews are forthcoming and will incrementally reveal exciting new information leading up to our next major steps.


Thank you for taking the time to follow our progress. Weekly development updates can be expected on each Wednesday. Happy trading!