On January 24th, 2019 at 21:30 UTC deposit and withdrawal functionality for several assets was disabled for precautionary reasons due to vulnerabilities reported in an article published earlier in the week by Decentralized Systems Lab. These vulnerabilities, referred to as “fake stake” attack vectors potentially affect several proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies currently traded on CryptoBridge. These assets were disabled and communication with each team was initiated to ensure that adjustments to the code eliminated the risk.

Unfortunately, one such solution proposed (and subsequently adopted by several projects) was found by the core PIVX development team to be not only inadequate but that it opened further risks. We have alerted projects which utilized this patch and informed them of their responsibility to address this additional concern immediately.


Development teams will not be charged for any fees usually associated with this situation. Please contact us via Discord without delay if you have not done so already.


Despite the unusual instance of a large number of assets being disabled simultaneously, there is no need for alarm. This is merely a precautionary step. All funds are safe.

Deposit and withdrawal status can be monitored from our #wallet-status-updates channel in our official Discord or via Telegram.