The weekly development update series will inform users about progress made on user-facing aspects of CryptoBridge.


Coin De-listing and Recycling

Coin recycling, facilitated by the Carbon Zero (CZE) project has proven to be quite beneficial for many of our users since it was launched earlier this month. Coin recycling is not the sole purpose of the project, rather it is a philanthropic engagement strategy designed to bring extra value to our user base. We are heartened by their efforts.

De-listing for more than twenty abandoned projects was announced this week via the #wallet-status-updates channel in our official Discord. Please be aware if you have any of these remaining on CryptoBridge and if so to withdraw them. These projects are potential candidates for coin recycling, an inquiry can be made with CZE in their Discord.



Further investigation into the most cost-effective solution to support a greater array of BitShares nodes has been conducted and we will likely have a stronger network before too much longer. Please follow up with our support agents via Discord if you are having difficulty connecting.


Volume & Liquidity

Users had previously noted that some of the CryptoBridge account being used to facilitate liquidity with the DEXBot automated trading application had been taking some of its own trades. Upon closer inspection, it is now believed to be an issue with the explorer. Please note this new endeavor is still in its initial phase of implementation and will be scrutinized and adjusted as we continue evaluating its effectiveness.



Our developers have been consistently working on the addition of Dero, LokiPirate and Verus to the trading platform for some time now, and with the cooperation of agents from those teams are finally nearing completion. The simultaneous addition of three custom integrations has unfortunately slowed progress on each, however, we are drawing closer and are hopeful for trading to be live next week at the latest. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of each of these teams and the patience their communities have demonstrated throughout this process.



Thank you for taking the time to follow our progress. Weekly development updates can be expected on each Wednesday. Happy trading!