We are pleased to bring you the latest BridgeCoin (BCO) report, a product of the collaboration between the CryptoBridge team and the international community which surrounds this very special digital asset. BridgeCoin stands alone among the revenue-sharing assets in its unique value proposition.


This series documents the BCO payout statistics twice per month, discusses the previous two weeks’ price action and overall trend, trading volume and notable orderbook activity.


All information is presented with objective factual information derived from the CryptoBridge application order books and API (cross-referenced with the cryptofresh block explorer). The information is presented strictly for educational purposes and not to be construed as investment advice.


Staking Payouts

Period: 2019-01-16 00:00:00 to 2019-01-31 23:59:59 (GMT)

BTC paid: 6.20092498

BCO paid: 75.04576200

ETH paid: 0.68953275

Equivalent total: 6.23190837 BTC


Total Staking Positions: 11,738 | Net positions created: -63

1-month – 346 | 3-month – 922 | 6-month – 1343 | 12-month – 9127

Total staked: 16,269,001.00128640

Total staked (with bonus): 30,950,568.06669610

Added to stake during this period: 170,408.5271851


As of this payout, 60.5% of the total BCO supply are staked. As indicated previously, we’re giving 75% of all available revenue to stakers, and market makers get the remaining 25%. When the promotion ends, stakers will receive 50% as originally advertised.


Trading Volume

Period: 2019-01-16 to 2018-01-31

Total volume: 3,297.85 BTC | Average Daily volume: 219.8566667 BTC


Price Action

BCO Price: 0.00012961 BTC | $0.453468 USD | 11.85427 BTS

Market Cap: 3,501 BTC | $12,243,628 USD | CMC Rank: #191



BridgeCoin price somewhat mimicked that of Bitcoin’s during the last period as evidenced by sideways movement within a smaller range and diminishing volume. As the global market capitalization for digital assets grinds slowly downward, trading has become more listless. A tightening range between 12K and 14K sat confirms the two previous staking periods’ pattern of restriction.


Order Book Activity

A greater incidence of trading bots has taken to populating the order book during this period, and the lack of any persistently obvious accumulation may account for the small trading range mentioned above. While most of the account names present are well-known inhabitants there are new ones peppered on either side of the book, suggesting a trickle of newfound interest in BridgeCoin.