Gentarium, (| jen ˈterēəm |; GTM)

Mining is the cornerstone activity of the cryptocurrency world. This is where it all begins: with an algorithm, some hardware and an enterprising spirit.

But as the number of coins and the aggregate experience of users and participants in these fledgling economies began to learn about securing value in other ways, new problems also arose. These new developments brought new challenges, but following short behind them – new ways to solve these.


Masternode Mania

Among the many routes that blockchain projects have sought to bring new value to the industry, one of the most explosive in the last two years has been those that cater to the masternode sector. While fairly simple to understand, proof-of-stake and masternode reward systems are notoriously difficult to set up. While the developers involved in related projects are likely to have no trouble, the entry-level investor was often shut out in the cold.

The net effect of this huge barrier remaining intact is that variety of investment is not as widely pursued by those with a less technical skillset. To provide a solution for both masternode and mining enthusiasts, Gentarium launched its various services shortly after announcing the project in mid-2018.


Core Objectives

Gentarium keeps things pretty simple, but with a clever overlap in targeting their audience: speculators of proof-of-work and proof-of-stake mechanisms. For the former, they have both a web panel and a mobile app to manage mining farms easily to ensure maximum uptime (and therefore profitability). Both ASIC and GPU mining approaches are supported.

As for masternodes, they are among the leaders in the “turnkey” masternode arena, also provide shared masternode services and differentiate themselves even further from competitors by offering a masternode conversion system to exchange rewards. This area of their business is their prime focus.

For the coin itself, Gentarium matches the requisite baseline that many of its peers have set in place such as instant transactions and optional privacy. While the main use case of the GTM coin might not be currency, it certainly can’t hurt if it is capable of doing so. GTM was once able to be mined but is now secured by proof-of-stake and a generously rewarding masternode schema.



Though early in its lifespan, Gentarium has done well for itself and built up a loyal contingency of users and investors who trust the small but active team. This is evident by the sentiment that one sees in their Discord channels, the professionalism with which they carry out their services and the steady holding of their market capitalization throughout the unforgiving 2018 bear market.



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