The weekly development update series will inform users about progress made on user-facing aspects of CryptoBridge.



A healthy 92.85% of support tickets have been resolved during the past week and are now at their lowest level since the inception of CryptoBridge.

Additionally, we will be able to retire the use of Freshdesk soon as our in-app support feature is being tested internally and will be released to our users shortly. Tickets may be created by choosing “support” from the main menu using this new system (see below). These are managed entirely within the trading interface and do not require the use of email.


For additional information about wallet status and listing updates, please follow our automated account @CryptoBridgeAnn.


User Interface

A display notice will now appear after users select “I am a US citizen” during account creation or login if they have not visited since Terms of Service and identity verification requirements were put into place. If you choose this option you will be required to submit to KYC, and CryptoBridge is now unable to reset this if you selected your choice incorrectly. Please note there is nothing to gain by indicating you are a US citizen if this is not the case. All non-US users are able to continue using the gateway without submitting verification.


Team Workshop

Two days were set aside for earlier this week to review our position, identify areas in need of progress and to set goals for moving forward. A new roadmap with details of these and a clear message of commitment to completion of the Federated Gateways and involvement with the community is forthcoming.


Please use the following resource created by a community member to assist in your investigation of BridgeCoin and all things CryptoBridge!


Stability & Security

In addition to the key emergency / safety tools developed and implemented to prevent issues related to potential BitShares forks, deposit and withdrawal functionality is now capable of being restricted to administrative users only while testing or addressing bugs.

The libraries for bitsharesjs & bitsharesjs-ws have been updated as well in preparation of the upgrade next week.

A new, redundant backup method for wallets has been implemented with added functionality to the cointainers to provide additional security of funds. These coin-specific containers are open-source and will include future features as they are added.

Coin listing processes have been improved to allow for much quicker assessment of protocol requirements. This will shorten the time further between application and active trading going live.


Thank you for taking the time to follow our progress. Weekly development updates can be expected on each Wednesday. Happy trading!