There are two phases to completing this process, but please note the following before you proceed:

  • Both web and local wallets are able to be used for any step of the process.
  • You must use version v0.18.3 or higher (the support tool is not available in older versions).
  • Only one account with staked BCO may be processed per request.
  • All non-staked funds must be removed from the account prior to submitting your ticket. Please use the “send” function to move all other funds to another BitShares account of your choosing.


Phase I

Requesting reimbursement via the support tool.

1. Log into the account which has BCO staked and choose the support tool from the tab or main menu in the right-hand corner.


2. Click “New Ticket” and then type “BCO” (there will be no result for this term), then choose “I could not find a solution to my issue”.


3. From the Create Ticket, popup select “other”.


4. In the message field, enter the following:

By opening this support ticket, I hereby request a reimbursement for the staked BCO on this account. I understand that CryptoBridge will assume control of the private keys via a BitShares proposal. I agree to accept the given total sum of staked BCO to the new account created specifically for the purpose or reimbursement. The account name that BCO should be transferred to is:


I agree to divest my BCO holdings from the new account specified above without delay and understand that the whitelisting period is 7 days and non-negotiable once this reimbursement funds have arrived at the new account.


5. Confirm by clicking “Create Ticket”.

Please be patient but do monitor your account for the reply in the ticket, which will have further instructions.


Phase II

A proposal will be created by CryptoBridge on the BitShares blockchain to facilitate the account transfer.


1. In the CryptoBridge wallet, enable “advanced features“ in the main menu’s settings under “general”.


2. Under “dashboard“ you will now see a tab: “proposed transactions“.


3. After ensuring the proposal is from the account CryptoBridge (account ID 1.2.374566), and approve the pending proposal.


4. Select your account in both drop-downs: “pay with account“ and “approval to add“. Click “approve”.


5. The client will ask for a final confirmation. Permissions have now been changed.

6. CryptoBridge automatically recognizes the account permission transfer and will send the appropriate amount of BCO to the new account specified in the ticket.

7. Once this transfer has occurred, your new account is whitelisted for KYC on our gateway for a total of 7 days. Make sure you empty your new account before this extra grace period expires.


If you are having difficulty with this process, you are welcome to seek support in our official Discord.