This payout reflects the trade fees collected during April, 2019. The distribution strategy is detailed on the dedicated Market Maker Program page. Cryptoasset projects and exchange users alike are encouraged to investigate and utilize this program to their advantage.

Excluded from this and all future market maker eligibility are accounts designed to facilitate wash trading. We have become aware of the increase of these activities on CryptoBridge markets over the past months and would like to use this as an opportunity to make our stance known. We do not condone wash trading.

While it is an open secret in the cryptocurrency markets that wash trading likely occurs on many exchanges (all the more easily on those with opaque order books), CryptoBridge does not believe that dependence on this activity is a foundation for long-term success and legitimacy.

Please note: eligibility requires staking 10 BCO on the market making account and your payout must meet a minimum of 0.003 BTC.


Total payout for participating market makers (that stake at least 10 BCO): 0.60206223 BTC

Total market maker payout: 7.16909827 BTC