The weekly development update series will inform users about progress made on user-facing aspects of CryptoBridge.



The reimbursement to US users who do not wish to verify their identities has been going smoothly. Steps to begin are detailed in this previous post.  Feel free to initiate this process and report your success with others who may be in a similar position.

To see the best all-in-one source for CryptoBridge data (including BCO staking and trading) don’t hesitate to visit:



Freshdesk will be retired and support tickets should only be created within the CryptoBridge trade UI from this point forward. The response to this new method has been positive so far, although users should note they need to be logged into their CryptoBridge account to create and respond to support tickets. It is always possible to log into your account regardless of KYC status, and therefore you are never prohibited from opening a support ticket.


Listing Fee Reduction

With the BTC price level holding well after the rapid increase, we have reduced our listing fee once again to 2 BTC, our fast-track option to 3.5 BTC and token listings to 1 BTC.

Referral Program

Those who have logged in over the last few days have likely noticed a new referral link directly below your user name. That’s correct, you may now be eligible for $2.50 USD worth of BridgeCoin (BCO) for every 1 BTC of volume generated by your referrals. Read the full announcement for more details.


Thank you for taking the time to follow our progress. Weekly development updates can be expected on each Monday. Happy trading!