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This is the moment you’ve been waiting for: the full scoop on our trading competition!

From June to the Moon will run for a total of 14 days. Prizes will be awarded daily (14) and weekly (2) meaning there are 16 total chances to win! You’re eligible to win prizes for holding one of the top three slots on the leaderboard, with no limit on claiming multiple winning entries. The higher your volume traded, the higher your rank!

Non-BTC asset exchange rates will be determined using the closing exchange rate from BitShares of the previous day. Volume will be reset at the beginning of each new competition.



Daily winners:

First place $350

Second place $100

Third place $50


Weekly winners:

First Place $700

Second Place $200

Third place $100


Payout Details

All prizes are paid in BridgeCoin (BCO), pegged to the USD dollar amounts detailed above. Payouts occur at 06:00 after the closing of each competition. The USD to BCO exchange rate is determined at the time of the payout using data from

Prizes are claimed directly in the Wallet UI beginning at 06:00:00 UTC of the day following the end of the respective competition term. Once you’ve won, you have two options: collect your BCO and do as you please with it… or choose to place it into a 1-year staking position. We’ll even pay the fees and throw in an extra 10% on top since we like this option so much (as does the community of our stakers).


Claim your prize within 30 days you will forfeit the funds!


Play fair!

We will monitor and disqualify traders with duplicate or fake accounts as well as those who are sharing finances. Any competitors engaging in wash trading or intentionally abusing the competition through illegal or fraudulent activities will also be disqualified.


Get Paid while your referrals Trade

Even if you aren’t able to win prizes, anyone you refer that participates is incentivized to create volume. Sit back and enjoy the spectacle while you earn rewards from their activity!


For the full terms and conditions of the trading competition, click here.


Get Ready

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