CryptoBridge loves interacting with its community. We’re easier to reach than you might realize. After we realized one of our regulars was a winner of a daily prize in our From June to the Moon trading competition, our discussion easily shifted into an interview format. Enjoy… and don’t hesitate to drop by for a chat any time.


Interview with nesh-91

How did you find out about the CryptoBridge Trading Competition, From June to the Moon?

I’m an active user of CryptoBridge for a long time already and always hang out in their Discord server. That’s where I have heard about the Trading Competition, first in the teaser, later in the full announcement.

What was the trigger for you to compete with others in the competition?

Before the event started, I wasn’t even expecting to actively compete. Only after the first day of the competition has passed I noticed how high the payout prizes are in relation to the necessary trading volume to reach a high rank.

Basically, I assumed that I could trade quite a lot without making profits or losses on the trades themselves and then did some wild calculations which showed that, on the first day, the winner only payed about $35 in trading fees and won a whooping $350 – and on top of that it is possible to receive parts of the trading fees back with the help of the Market Maker program. Thinking that I can make so much profit with paying so little in trading fees, I decided to try my luck on the second day, and was successful!

Another reason is that I love CryptoBridge and wanted to help make this event a success, as increasing the overall trading volume helps the exchange and in return also its users (e.g. BridgeCoin stakers).

Can you tell us about your experience? What went well, and what can you do better next time?

I was actually surprised that it wasn’t that hard to reach the top spot. Half of the day I was trading very passively, set some orders and left them alone. When I saw that I reached rank 5 or so that way already, I started to trade more actively which made me reach the top spot very quickly. Only the last 20 minutes of the day were challenging, because 1-2 other users traded a lot during that time, trying to snatch the top rank in the last few minutes. This was the only time when I made some “silly” trades, which resulted in small losses but made me keep the top spot. Next time I will try to build a bit larger lead, so the last minutes won’t be as chaotic.

You’ve won of course, that is a great result — Do you have any tips for other traders to rank high in the competition?

The most important step is to identify some interesting trading pairs where there’s some liquidity so you can get decent trading volume out of them. Another way I got some volume was to simply buy coins I wanted to buy anyway, even if I paid maybe 1% more than on some other exchanges

Would you recommend the trading competition to traders like you?

Yes, I totally recommend the trading competition and, at least so far, you also have a good chance of winning it as a “regular” trader, without using any fancy tactics and without using trading bots. As I said, the prizes are very decent and the more competition we get, the more fun it will be (and also the bigger the success of the event for CryptoBridge, so maybe we will see it more often then)!

What are you going to do with the prize you won?

I will use the staking option. I’m a fan of the BCO staking already and that way you even get a 10% bonus on top of the reward.

What’s next?