Trading Competition — Round II

For the next part of our Trading Competition we have decided to increase the incentives! With all the excitement and number of participants increasing, we thought we should celebrate and encourage new traders to enter by expanding the size and amount of rewards you can win.


The second round will begin June 15 at 00:00:00 UTC!


Those who rank first through third place will see an increased reward and now even fourth and fifth place finalists will be awarded a prize as well!

  • First place: 400 USD
  • Second place: 100 USD
  • Third place: 75 USD
  • Fourth place: 50 USD
  • Fifth place: 25 USD

With the expansion of the prizes available, this promises to be another great two weeks to look forward to. Will the previous competitors retain their battle for the pole position and what new talent will join the race? Make sure to keep close watch of the leaderboard to find out!