We are pleased to announce the launch of a new user interface (UI) for our CryptoBridge users which is mobile friendly! Now you can access trading platform from any device and enjoy more advanced features.


What is new?

The look itself is cleaner, more modern and overall more attractive, combined with simpler use of functions such as trading, deposits and withdrawals. Alongside “buy” and “sell” button there is quick access to deposit function in case you run out of assets to complete the desired trade. Simple and efficient.

At CryptoBridge there are few options for diversified income which are now all accessible directly in the UI itself, under “Earn” tab. Crucial information regarding referral program, BridgeCoin staking and the Trading Competition are one click away without the need to leave the trading platform.

To help you understand the full functionalities of the new trading interface there is an icon in the lower right corner where you can quickly access guidance through currently opened page (image of the icon). If you come across any bugs or issues with the client functionalities “Report” button, which lies next to the previously mentioned “Help” icon, will open a ticket so our developers can check and fix the issue. For other support issues in-house support is still available directly in the client which you can access with click on the menu icon, in the upper right corner, and choose “Support”.