Claim a Stake in the Decentralized Revolution

BridgeCoin (BCO) is the cryptocurrency of the CryptoBridge Exchange. By buying and holding this cryptocurrency on the exchange you will be given a literal stake in the success of CryptoBridge. This means a percentage of the profits that CryptoBridge collects from trading fees go to you — a BridgeCoin holder. Buying and holding BridgeCoin alone can be a profitable investment, but, before we explain why let’s dive into the coin characteristics..

Coin Characteristics

Total mined coins: 27 Million
Algorithm: Proof of Work
Block reward: 256, halving every month
Blocktime: 60 seconds

BridgeCoin mining began on July 12th, 2017 and ended on December 1st, 2017. BridgeCoin mining was fair and open to all — no pre-mined coins exist. Mining went public for everyone at the same time. There was no Initial Coin Offering as the CryptoBridge team chose to self-fund the project’s launch.

The Staking Reward

The business model of CryptoBridge gives BridgeCoin holders benefits that most other coins don’t. By investing in BridgeCoin, you are entitled to a share of its revenue and help promote its current and future value. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, you may not only see your investment increase in value – you will also be granted a part of the profits the CryptoBridge Exchange generates.

The exchange makes the majority of its profits from the trading fees generated by transactions (both buying and selling). As more traders begin using the exchange, the volume and size of these transactions increase. The growth of CryptoBridge (in terms of traded volume) largely determines the revenue. Now — the good part — you will be able to claim a share of 50% of those revenues proportional to your BridgeCoin holdings.

In order to begin receiving these rewards, you must stake the BridgeCoins you hold. Luckily, this can be done with only a few clicks of the mouse. By staking you are choosing to lock up your coins for a period of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. This means you become a mid- to long-term investor in BridgeCoin, as you cannot withdraw or sell the staked coins. It is impossible as they are locked. You will, however, begin receiving the twice-monthly payout from the trading fees.

That’s not all; the longer you stake your coins, the higher the staking bonus will be. A 3-month stake provides a 20% bonus in addition to those 50% fees. A 6-month stake will result in 50% and 12 months will result in a 100% bonus.

As a promotional campaign, the profit share is 75% of CryptoBridge’s trading profit (instead of 50%) until further notice!

No Inflation

These staking payouts do not impact the value of BridgeCoin, there is no inflation of the supply. It is more likely that the price will appreciate as a result of others with a desire to also reap payouts.

Usually if you stake a cryptocurrency, your reward is paid 100% in that same coin, increasing the supply. As stakers need to sometimes pay their bills, they sell their staking rewards on the markets, causing the price to decrease. Supply continues to grow making the coin you stake less scarce.

BridgeCoin distinguishes itself from these coins. First of all: BridgeCoin has a capped supply of 27 million coins — the full supply has already been mined. This means 27 million coins is all there are, or ever will be. Inflation is impossible, and only a small percentage of the twice-monthly payouts will be in BridgeCoin (the majority is paid in Bitcoin). If people need to pay the bills they won’t have to dump those staking rewards on you as a BridgeCoin holder.

Increased Scarcity

We have already touched on BridgeCoin’s scarcity, and know a large part of those are and will be locked up in staking positions by long term investors. This means the supply decreases even more drastically, making BridgeCoins yet more scarce.

Now, imagine wanting to buy even more BridgeCoin with the Bitcoin portion of your staking rewards. Choosing to re-invest your staking rewards will create increased buy pressure on the market. Simple supply and demand dictates that it is likely to increase the price of BridgeCoin over time.

A Committed Community

As a decentralized exchange, CryptoBridge can benefit from the input, ideas and feedback from its community of investors. The long-term value proposition of BridgeCoin staking lies in the mutual benefit the stakers and the exchange developers enjoy. Investors are strongly motivated to help the project succeed. This results in all kinds of serious and well-meaning community feedback that the CryptoBridge team is open to and takes into consideration.


BridgeCoin is a fairly mined cryptocurrency meant to provide the developer team with funds to improve CryptoBridge and to reward BridgeCoin investors with twice-monthly payouts. BridgeCoin has zero inflation and a business model which increases its scarcity drastically over time. The longer a BridgeCoin investor stakes their coins, the higher the proportionate payout is.

BridgeCoin staking is true passive income with the benefit of a committed community of long-term investors acting as a committed sounding board for the team. This symbiotic arrangement allows CryptoBridge to improve its mission to revolutionize and decentralize how value is exchanged — together.

Buy BridgeCoin (BCO)

You can buy BridgeCoin (BCO) at the CryptoBridge decentralized exchange.


Historic Payouts

Staking Period Date Payout BTC Payout USD
1 2017-12-15 ฿0.24309911 $4,195
2 2017-12-21 ฿2.97656728 $39,170
3 2018-01-15 ฿7.02075592 $100,000
4 2018-01-31 ฿11.2860000 $119,066
5 2018-02-15 ฿9.69886000 $97,114
6 2018-02-28 ฿6.70000000 $73,344
7 2018-03-15 ฿6.12265953 $50,818
8 2018-03-31 ฿8.20592491 $56,620
9 2018-04-15 ฿6.50198356 $53,810
10 2018-04-30 ฿8.55583775 $77,289
11 2018-05-15 ฿8.56821400 $73,275
12 2018-05-31 ฿13.80000000 $105,570
13 2018-06-15 ฿11.02020000 $70,528
14 2018-06-30 ฿9.27805750 $60,255
15 2018-07-15 ฿10.34900000 $74,516
16 2018-07-30 ฿9.16828000 $59,592
17 2018-08-15 ฿8.30875400 $53,400
18 2018-09-01 ฿11.56828061 $81,834
19 2018-09-16 ฿14.04027548 $91,010
20 2018-10-01 ฿12.78990452 $82,750
TOTAL ฿176.74525417 $1,424,156