CryptoBridge Educational Partnership

Glancing Back, Moving Forward

During the previous year’s protracted bear market stretching ahead into 2019, the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities which remain have a unique opportunity. Unencumbered by the mania and chaos of the massive run-up to the digital asset market’s all-time-high market capitalization, many projects are busying themselves with improving their products, forging new alliances and learning from mistakes. This is the time to build.

CryptoBridge has done some reflection and considered what we could focus on to better prepare both ourselves and the community at large. We determined that more than anything else helping new users gain a better understanding of the complex world of digital assets would overwhelmingly make the most sense and have the largest impact.

Education is chief among the requirements for the smooth integration of new people into the extraordinarily complex point where cryptography, decentralized technology and personal financial autonomy meet. So, it is with this perspective that CryptoBridge is pleased to unveil its new effort to collaborate with people and projects who equally value this type of education and allow it to direct their actions.

Allow us to introduce our colleagues.


Crypto 101 Podcast

Our flagship partner has been persistently cultivating an ever-increasing array of interviews and entertaining informational podcast episodes since July, 2017. They have even recently published their first book, the harrowing tale of Johnny (the crypto noob personified) as he makes his way through the emotional journey of the market cycle and finds his way to the other side in one piece. Matthew Aaron and the rest of the Crypto 101 team are among the most genuine and hard-working content creators in the digital asset space, and have expertly crafted the appeal in their role of “the average user’s guide to cryptocurrency.”

Crypto 101 has agreed to partner with us in our mission and will provide beginner to intermediate level educational material.



CoinYou is a crypto education platform with free courses on the web and mobile. Carrying forward the ethos of “Education Without Speculation”” into the cryptocurrency world, CoinYou has a sharp focus on empowering people to become fluent with cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and related financial topics. A wealth of informative courses and instructional videos are available on their platform and APP, all of which are free to access. Unlike the average trading tutorials focused on speculation, they place a strong emphasis on information directing users toward the practical applications of cryptocurrencies for beginners. These are especially designed to engage those living with the precarious economic reality of hyperinflation and extreme economic disparity.

Another unmet need they are serving is in bringing this information to non-English speaking users in their Spanish and Portuguese courses and APPs. Moving forward, CoinYou founders Sean Morgan and David Waschkowski are engaging new users of cryptocurrency to become mentors and instructors in their native language.

CoinYou is pleased to align with CryptoBridge where our activities overlap and will provide introductory to beginner level materials. You can learn at on the web or using the mobile APP for Android.



A curious explorer of the cryptocurrency world, Ambroid is mainly preoccupied with technical analysis of its markets and in active involvement with a mining farm. He bases his activities on the firm premises of transparency and straightforwardness.

Ambroid finds commonality with our stance and will provide intermediate to advanced level materials.


Action Steps

New educational content under this banner will be cross-promoted within their overlapping networks beginning in February, 2019. Each partner will have equal opportunity to present its unique perspectives and materials will range from the most basic to intermediate and even advanced topics about digital assets, new projects, influential personalities, use of hardware, fintech, trading and more.


Join Us

We invite you to scrutinize and engage our new partners through their various platforms, social media and networks. It is our hope that you value the integrity and goodwill that we and our partners seek to exemplify in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. Through this partnership, we will be generating and collaborating on creating high-quality educational content and create a unified front instilled with the positivity and enthusiasm inherent to the revolutionary spirit that began on Jan 3, 2009. We believe that the type of energy we put into the ecosystem will return to us one day and are taking concrete steps to generate what we like to think of as positive #cryptokarma.

Our shared desire to drive out the negative aspects associated with digital assets through active and ongoing education begins here, and we hope you’ll be inspired to join us. If you feel that you or your project are a good fit with what we hope to achieve, please feel free to get in touch.