Completing this form is the FIRST step to update an exsiting coin listing on CryptoBridge. Please review and submit before contacting members of the coin team.

To ensure maximum security, the payment address will only be supplied via Discord after completing this form. Once it has been received, one of the following will contact you:

crypto#5644 (ID 398376742135529472)
bridge#1330 (ID 182490821998804993)

sherlock-holmes#7421 (ID 402476479767773185)
stepollo#0001 (ID 380175797891235841)


Update Fees

Updates can be paid with BTC or BCO.

NON-CONSENSUS CHANGING WALLET UPDATE: 0.25 BTC* (free after at least 30 days of last update/listing)
RELIST: 50% of current normal listing fee

A consensus change is defined as any alteration in a blockchain model which results in its inability to serve the purpose it has been designed for. If any change on blockchain has been made which affects old wallets and prevent them from participation with it, an update is considered consensus changing.

A swap is defined as any (consensus changing) mechanism used to move cryptocurrencies from one blockchain to another due to coins on the initial blockchain becoming incompatible with the new one.

A hard fork is defined as a radical change to the protocol which requires all nodes or users to upgrade to the latest version of the protocol software. It is a permanent separation from the previous version of the blockchain. Nodes running previous versions will no longer be accepted by the newest version.

*Please note that:

  • A 20% discount is available for updates when they are paid with BridgeCoin (BCO). Cost is calculated by the average BCO price for the prior 48 hours at the time of invoice. Markets: BCO/ETH, BCO/BTC.
  • Failure to inform us at least 7 days in advance of a consensus changing update will incur 200% of the above fees.
  • If you do not inform us about the consensus changing update, you are liable for are required to compensate any damage caused by any credits to an invalid chain.
  • Only 1:1 swaps are currently supported, otherwise all funds must be withdrawn from the exchange.
  • If a swap is not 1:1, 50% of the listing fee applies to process.
  • An address prefix change is mandatory for swaps as otherwise users will continue depositing to old addresses.
  • Tickers cannot be changed after an asset has been created.
  • If part of a fork or swap of an existing asset, users will need to fully withdraw to participate.

Exploit, malfunction and/or attack damage compensation: When applying for an update, you are required to inform us about all changes made, including but not listed to wallet default settings. Our development team is able to prevent potential damage only if aware prior to re-enabling deposit and withdrawal.


Terms And Conditions


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