Decentralized Asset Sale


Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) were yesterday. It is time to monetize your project using CryptoBridge’s new Decentralized Asset Sale (DAS). At a fee that is unbeatable on the market.

Start DAS

Benefits of DAS



Most affordable token sell on the market, on recognized platform, with customer support




Due to its decentralized nature, you have 100% control over your asset sale




By verifying your identity, you prove your legitimacy but maintain your anonymity




Upon payment confirmation, your token sale can be live within 24 hours or sooner




You can withdraw the assets that you traded right away even while the asset sale is still running





How It Works


Step 1

You apply for DAS using our web form. It can be a standalone service or an addition to asset listing process.


Step 2

You tell us the amount of tokens you would like to issue through your dedicated channel on our Discord.


Step 3

You create a CryptoBridge account for your asset sale of which private keys you hold and are in control.



Step 4

Optionally, you can verify your identity with our partner Fractal and show your legitimacy.


Step 5

CryptoBridge confirms your request and sends you a BTC payment address in the dedicated channel on our Discord.


Step 6

Upon payment confirmation, we will issue the requested amount of tokens to the account you created.

From that moment on …


  • The asset sale is in your hands: You create your own sell orders, taking full advantage of multiple trading pairs such as BTC, LTC, XMR, ETH, RVN, DOGE, USDT, BTS or any other asset that is listed on CryptoBridge.
  • Users buy your tokens directly from your account’s sell orders, no additional party involved.
  • You can utilize the assets traded against your tokens right away and withdraw them even while the asset sale is still running.
  • The market is open right away since users can then trade with each other.