Getting Verified with Fractal

Step 1:

Read and agree to the Terms of Service, acknowledge the right of revocation and select a response to the question “are you a US citizen?


Step 2:

If you are a US citizen, Click on “Start User Verification.” Only US citizens are required to verify their identity.“


Step 3:

You will be redirected to the Fractal website. Create an account there with a secure email account. Fractal will then send an email to you with a secret key-phrase and a link to “Sign in to Fractal ID”. This link will expire in 30 minutes.


Step 4:

Agree to the top two of the three Fractal requirements. The third is optional and relates only to marketing.


Step 5:

Fractal will inform you that what you are now submitting information for is to allow CryptoBridge to view your UUID and KYC status. Indicate whether you represent yourself or a company/institution.


Step 6:

Fractal will provide step-by-step instructions for you to submit the required information and documents. Request verification once all of them have been submitted.


Step 7:

Once you have completed this, click the “Request Verification” link. You must give permission to to approve CryptoBridge as an authorized app by clicking the orange “allow” button on this screen below:


Step 8:

Await Fractal’s verification of your documents (24-72 hours).


Step 9:

Upon Receipt of this email, your documents have been confirmed as valid and verified. You may trade on CB normally.