How to start trading on Cryptobridge

Creating and account and using the trading interface on CryptoBridge gateway is much easier with some instructions. Here you can find the answers to basic questions when you are creating an account or looking for a way to trade.

Two options for account creation

For using CryptoBridge gateway BitShares account is required. You can create it using CryptoBridge trading user interface. Faster and easier option is to create a cloud wallet. Second, more secure way is to create a local wallet. Please check the differences below:




The cloud wallet lets you login to your wallet from anywhere using only your account name and password. Your password is vulnerable to brute-force attacks which means it is important to use a very long password, ideally 20+ characters!



By Account Name

Cloud Wallet

Login by
Back up and restore Account




By bin-file

Local Wallet

Login by
Back up and restore Account





The local wallet has the best security, but is restricted to your current browser and computer. To migrate the wallet to another browser or computer, you may use the backup file or brainkey.

Brainkey is the main key that helps you get access to your data through different browsers, devices and even services that have access to the blockchain.

Two options to access trading UI

Trading interface can be access through any web browser or through client which you can download and instal on Windows, Mac or Linux.


Login is the same on web interface or on a client which you download.

When you are using web client you can access CryptoBridge trading interface on any device as it is mobile friendly. You can trade anytime, anywhere.

With local client you get a higher level of security but you are limited to specific devices.

For additional question you can always reach out on one of our social channels:


Web interface


Web interface offers you to choose between web wallet or using bin file (local wallet)


Dowload client


Client is available on our public GitHub, one click away, available for:


  •  Linux
  • Windows
  • and Mac